Hearing mom’s voice forever! 
2.500km mit dem Fahrrad durch Deutschland:
Maia Kuhnen 4. Juli um 01:33 Mit Öffentlich geteilt
Start today our journey with us and follow us right here for the next 3 weeks. Katja and I are going on another new adventure! 2500km planned to bike across Germany – all the way from Munich to the north of Germany for the good cause.
This year, 2020, is a tough one. My family experienced this year additional burden, as my sister is fighting a life threatening disease. In these tragic times, we came across the initiative from Judith Grümmer as she worked with my sister to create a very special audio book for my sister’s kids.
This is why Katja and I decided to go on this ride to support this great project and collect donations for the initiative „Familienhörbuch“ -> family audio book that gives young parents diagnosed with a life threatening disease the opportunity to record their own life story for their children to have a priceless treasure in the future independent of what will happen.
Read more in our GoFundMe campaign FamilyAudioBook on how and why Katja and I are trying to reach a huge amount of money to let 10 audio books be recorded free of charge for the affected families. We are happy about any support in terms of sharing our project in your community!
And of course we are happy for every euro we will raise.
Follow us here for the next 20 days if you want to see how our journey goes.
Next stop is Würzburg! And link to the donation page is here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/familyaudiobook